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on the road - 18 12 2002 - 10:38 - katatonik

Slidin, slippin, sippin

Sipping fresh coconut. Giant Geckos. Sound of gentle waves, not even “breaking” ashore, just slidin, slippin, and such. Salt. Motorcycle. Serpentine heart-beat. Fish coated in garlic and pepper. Skin coated in sunburn. Sipping fresh cocktail. Sun. Slide into sleep. And such.

You're gonna be so spoiled when you come to St. Bimbam! "Where's the beach?" you'll cry, "where's my little Vespa?!?"

gHack (Dec 18, 10:11 pm) #

Yamaha, if you please. Yamaha. But I could probably be persuaded to trade the not so little Yamaha in for a real St. Bimbam pimpmobile.

katatonik (Dec 19, 07:38 am) #

In the meantime, I tried to make my internal network ready for katatonik shenanigans.

gHack (Dec 19, 10:39 am) #

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