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borderless confusion - 28 01 2003 - 23:03 - katatonik

Liebig and other cards

Liebig Card, Indochina Set

“The history of trading cards goes back to 1840 when the German chocolate manufacturer Stollwerk printed pictures on the packing of his products. The victorious career of the cards began in 1872 when the Liebig company started to give away large format pictures cards (7 cm x 11 cm) with its extract of meat. The first one was a set of 16 cards showing the Liebig factory at Fray Bentos in Uruguay.

Liebig cards normally were issued in sets of six. Only in the beginning there were some sets of up to 24 different pictures. The sets were issued simultaneously in many countries, especially in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, and England. But there were also Russian, Hungarian, Swedish, or Boemian editions. Liebig stopped producing trading cards in 1975. Recently new editions were issued in Italy.”

Columbus on Liebig Cards.
Steve Talbot’s Cartophily Pages
Liebig by Themes.

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