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photography - 26 02 2003 - 23:14 - katatonik

Lost Labor

“Many of the images document factories and jobs that no longer exist. Whether it is a photograph of a laborer hauling a three foot block of ice at the York Ice Machinery Corporation, or one of a man carving a half hull model for the New York Shipbuilders Corporation, or others jiggering ceramic plates for the Mayer China Company, hand spraying a wicker baby carriage for the E.A. Whitney Carriage Company, or blocking a rim for the Knox Hat Company, all are examples of lost skill and crafts. These images are not intended to evoke feelings of nostalgia, or the desire to return to a simpler era when “real work” was done with sweat and muscle but rather to honor the role of labor, a reminder of the individuals who helped to build industrial America.”

Lost Labor, photographs of vanished industry, a site by Raymon Elozua (via Wood’s Lot).

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