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philosophy - 2 03 2003 - 21:58 - katatonik


“The following is translated from a manuscript found beneath the floorboards of a house in the Latin Quarter of Paris, used since 1615 as a brothel. On internal evidence it is ascribed to Descartes, and is believed to be a page from one of his early notebooks. It gives a fascinating insight into the mind and working method of a great philosopher, grappling with the problems that were later to receive their definitive Cartesian solutions in the Discourse on Method and the Meditations.”

Must read!

Undoubtedly sensational.

noelscheich (Mar 3, 10:47 am) #

(()Un())doubtedly sensational.

noelscheich (Mar 3, 10:52 am) #

(()(())Un(())())doubtedly sensational.

noelscheich (Mar 3, 10:53 am) #


noelscheich (Mar 3, 10:53 am) #

is ja schon gut.

katatonik (Mar 3, 09:11 pm) #

also ich krieg nur: "the host you are trying to contact may not exist." fascinating insight indeed!

caru (Mar 4, 12:58 pm) #

Danke für den Hinweis. Die haben ihren Server übersiedelt. Der Link jetzt geht aber.

katatonik (Mar 4, 01:19 pm) #


caru (Mar 4, 01:32 pm) #

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