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reading - 9 03 2003 - 02:19 - katatonik


“In my childhood, when a man and a woman wanted a ride from a passing bus or truck, they simply sat by the side of the road and waited. The men had long, curled mustaches and some held a sword over their knees. They might stand up as the bus or truck approached, but not attempt to hail it, to avoid the shame of rejection.
The women wore long, loose shirts and skirts of red, gold, and purple. As the bus or truck neared, they veiled themselves with a scarf and looked away. These women had always made me think of flowers that turn their heads and track the sun across the day.”

From Akhil Sharma, “An Obedient Father”.

Note to self: file as example for how the last sentence can ruin the mood of an entire paragraph. Or two paragraphs.

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