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politics - 19 03 2003 - 11:38 - katatonik

What to do, where to go

“What will happen, where should we go? Race west toward the oil fields of Kirkuk. There are reports that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has rigged them with explosives. There are reports that American troops will paradrop in-secure that area first. Or should we move south, toward Baghdad. Every correspondent knows there’s glory in that. We all remember, green with envy, the BBC’s John Simpson marching into Kabul after the fall of the Taliban. But it seems somewhat cyncial, unforgivingly opportunistic to feed a career on carnage of war. But we do. If I’m forced to rationalize it, i’ll do it like this-the motivation will make me to work harder to take more chances on the story.”

Kevin Sites Blog. First-person account of a solo journalist’s life on the front lines of war. (Via Mr. Super-Alert bov)

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