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technological innovation - 4 05 2003 - 20:45 - katatonik

Hypothetically speaking

If one were interested in acquiring, through a mysterious and magical stream of data, latest episodes of US TV shows such as The Simpsons, 24, or West Wing, one might consider magically inserting the magical string “BitTorrent” into the usual digital magic place and, well, take it from there.

Just hypothetically speaking, I mean.

See the<a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/online/story/0,3605,946497,00.html">Guardian from May 1st</a> with the
Top ten downloads

1 Star Trek (all series)
2 Buffy/Angel
3 24
4 Friends
5 West Wing
6 Japanese Anime shows (mostly involving robots)
7 Stargate
8 Farscape
9 Firefly
10 Smallville

Franz Fuchs (May 5, 01:27 pm) #

Auf den hiesigen Haushalt anwendbares Zitat aus dem verlinkten Guardian-Artikel:

"t's not unknown for a lot of people to set up their machines to download (or DL, to use the online slang) some episodes of a show - say Buffy and Angel - before they go to bed. In the morning, the files have arrived, and then they set up other downloads before they head off to work, with all the shows there for them to watch when they want. And they are getting value for money from their "always-on" broadband connection - just don't try this at home with a modem and one phone line.

That's the how, but why do people do this? Can't they just sit in front of the TV and be patient like the rest of us?"

Die Antwort, die der Artikel natürlich (is ja von da wo die auch im TV Englisch sprechen) nicht in Betracht zieht, ist die Kombination aus Verfügbarkeit überhaupt, schneller Verfügbarkeit und Verfügbarkeit des nicht synchronisierten Originals. Bis gute Serien im deutschsprachigen Raum im TV gesendet werden, vergeht (für mich) zu lange Zeit, und dann werden sie ja sowieso zu Tode synchronisiert.

Vor dem TV sitzen kann ich übrigens schon alleine deshalb nicht, weil ich keinen besitze.

katatonik (May 5, 03:58 pm) #

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