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politics - 4 06 2003 - 11:11 - katatonik

Yet more journalism about Mr. Salam Pax

“His cultural inclinations are impeccable. As we were spending a lot of time in my car, we stopped at several music stores to find acceptable road music; the offerings were meager, but he unearthed an excellent Cranberries cassette at one shop and brought an Oasis CD from his own collection, as well as the soundtrack from Pulp Fiction—the best music imaginable for driving around anarchic Baghdad. And when, in my final days, I wanted to buy a Persian rug or two, his advice was crucial. My living room now owes much to his fabulous taste.”

Peter Maass: “Salam Pax is real. How do I know Baghdad’s famous blogger exists? He worked for me.
(via etter det vi erfarer).

Also: Rory McCarthy, Guardian, Salam’s story.

Salam Pax will from now on write a two-weekly column for the Guardian. First installment, today.

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Gute Idee, den Mann gleich für eine Kolumne zu verpflichten.

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