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unclassified - 31 05 2001 - 01:40 - katatonik

(Un)happiness in the <A HREF="http://www.heathrowexpress.co.uk/">Heathrow Express</A>

Peter is not happy. He had devised a new organizational scheme for the US branch, and now Lars and his guys move in, take over things and completely ignore Peter’s efforts. Jörg is not happy either. He thinks his company promises to deliver too much in too little time. He’s telling them that they need to work a lot before they can even think about delivering what they had promised, but whoever he’s talking to does not seem to agree. Anguish. Marietta, sitting right next to Jörg, but apparently not in any significant fashion related to him, seems happy enough. She calls back to confirm that the others are just as happy as she is with the recently negotiated contract. Then she calls Germany to confirm an appointment for tomorrow. David and Jean, sitting next to each other and obviously related in a highly significant fashion, are discussing their dinner plans back home in some town in the North of England. Then it occurs to David that he had better check today’s acquisitions with his stock-broker. Then it occurs to Jean that she has to call back to reconfirm that Ms. Edmonton from merchandising understood everything correctly. Two lizards are fighting on the screen. Me, sitting in front of unhappy Peter and next to my bag, is happy enough with the book that informs me about the influence of photography on Tibetan thangka painting. I only wish I had chosen a seat in the train car marked as “quiet zone”. “Entertainment free”, meaning no animal fights on the screens, and no mobile phones, thank you.

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