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online reading - 16 08 2003 - 00:51 - katatonik


Questia, the online library. Over 45,000 books and 360,000 journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. Fully searchable text, with possibilities for online annotation, collection of citations, bookmarking, and whatever else you’d want.

” Titles are selected by professional librarians with years of experience in collection and access issues. Subject coverage is continually reviewed using a mixture of traditional and innovative techniques. Criteria for shaping the collection includes identifying notable books, widely-cited titles, widely-held titles, recommendations from faculty and librarians, titles from reputable commercial and academic presses, citation analysis, etc. Standard review sources as well as specially designed selection services are used. Titles selected are primarily English-language titles. Depth of coverage within a discipline varies according to the needs of the Questia users.”

Questia is not for free. Subscription starts at US $19.95. Officially the site does not support Linux (just MS and Mac), but I had no problems with Mozilla 1.4 on SuSE 8.2.

Oha! Mal gucken...

gHack (Aug 16, 01:16 am) #

Ja, tun Sie mal. Was ich so sah, deuchte mir recht interessant. Man könnte sich ja auch eine Subskription teilen. Ich denke, unsere Beziehung wäre reif für diesen durchaus nicht unriskanten Schritt virtuellen Gemeinschaftsbetruges. Noch ein Schluck Pignoletto?

katatonik (Aug 16, 01:29 am) #

Gerne, werte Mitverbrecherin!

gHack (Aug 16, 02:00 am) #

Zum Wohle, oh krimineller Gefährte!

katatonik (Aug 16, 02:06 am) #

Zumal die Kollegen sogar exotische Fachliteratur wie "World Revolutionary Propaganda" von Harold D. Lasswell (1939) im Netz haben.

gHack (Aug 16, 02:07 am) #

"THIS BOOK is a "Middtetown"-- or, rather, a "Bigtown" -of world revolutionary propaganda. It is a case study of revolutionary propaganda in action. The scene is one of the great industrial cities of the world. The time is the Great Depression. The leading character is the propagandist of Communism.

We are interested in the facts. We have taken care to find them. But we are chiefly concerned with the meaning of the facts for the understanding of the future.

Will Communism conquer America? Are we passing from an "individualistic America" to a "Sovietized America"? Is this part of a world trend from "individualism" to "collectivism"?"

Probleme hatten die damals... Tststs.

gHack (Aug 16, 02:10 am) #

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