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borderless confusion - 27 08 2003 - 20:24 - katatonik

Tibet, Christians

“A young orphan from Lhasa told TIN how he was identified by Korean missionaries who made visits to his school and developed a personal relationship with him.
They supported his attendance at IT courses, but what first seemed to be selfless generosity soon turned out to be a plan to employ him as a translator and editor of Christian texts into the Tibetan language. They soon took him to villages around Lhasa as a translator and encouraged him to explain to the villagers about the word of Christ. The boy describes how he gradually realised that their aim was to convert young Tibetans like him to Christianity and employ them in their missionary work.
“It was extremely embarrassing particularly to be put in the position where I was supposed to explain about this foreign belief to elderly Tibetan villagers who have much faith in Buddhism and who derive much strength out of their devotion. As it became clear to me that they wanted to convert me, I became really sad and angry. I was particularly worried to see how many young Tibetans start going to their Sunday services and picnics”. The young man was also encouraged to help distribute books with parts of the Bible translated into Tibetan. “Monks would tear up such books, and our teacher had earlier warned me against the missionaries who had been visiting our school”. Personally, the boy never felt that his own religious convictions would be weakened by the influences of missionary activities, but he expressed the fear that many young, poorly educated people from rural areas are vulnerable in the light of activities that first indicate practical help but that are eventually aimed at conversion. “

Tibet Information Network, news update, August 27, 2003: “Evangelist missionaries target poor rural youth”.

So sehn die aus, die misbehaving missionaries.

"They forced me to watch Billy Graham videotapes and gave me stickers from the now defunct Jim Bakker Ministries for Air-Conditioned Dog-Houses!"


gHack (Aug 27, 11:19 pm) #

Eher nicht, wenn die aus Korea kommen. Das öffnet einen ganz anderen Humorraum.

katatonik (Aug 28, 09:22 am) #

The Bible says “all things were created by him (Jesus)” and that includes buddha. Why listen to the created, when you can learn from the Creator, and be saved from the fear of endless reincarnations? Christ came to save you from your sins, so you don’t have to endlessly worry about earning enough merit. By his perfect life and death Jesus Christ paid it all, for all who believe and trust in him as their Master, and Savior. Pray to Jesus, tell him you need him to save you from your sins, and ask him to come into your heart and give you Holy Spirit to give you eternal life.

nw sasquatch (Jun 1, 02:31 am) #

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