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online reading - 1 09 2003 - 18:49 - katatonik

In the mood for harddisk decoration?

FYI France, “resources, and services, of and about libraries and publishing and online digital information in France and generally in Europe, useful to librarians, Internet and Minitel users, researchers, teachers, students, writers, book – collectors, book – dealers, publishers, and anyone interested in the Internet, libraries, France and Europe.”.

Includes: Digital Libraries in France, which links to Les Classiques des Sciences Sociales, and there you might find a page on Maurice Halbwachs, and download some of his books. Why not “Les cadres sociaux de la memoire?” (1925) or “La memoire collective”? (1950)

Of course there’s also lots of other things designed to turn your harddisk into the equivalent of a mahogany dancefloor for clouds of dusts and tons of tomes : Gramsci’s prison letters (in French), Tocqueville’s “De la democratie en Amerique”, or a few essays by good old Marcel Mauss, pehaps?

The page-design is horrible, but, ah, the treasures, the treasures!

Boah! Das ist ein echter Schatz! Ich greife zu "L'opinion et la foule" von Gabriel Tarde. Vive le Québec!

gHacque (Sep 1, 07:01 pm) #

Schöne Funde! Ich freue mich immer wieder über solche wunderbaren Seiten, die aussehen, als seien sie vor der Erfindung von Datenbanken erstellt worden - und von solchen längst nicht mehr erfasst werden.

Peithenen (Sep 1, 08:40 pm) #

  Textile help