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tradition and modernity - 22 09 2003 - 09:51 - katatonik

God returns to TV

“The last time God spoke regularly to a girl on television was on the 1967 sitcom “The Flying Nun.” This season, on three different shows, God is commanding girls to clean their rooms, get jobs and solve crimes.”

And Word Was Given Unto the Networks (Alessandra Stanley): new shows on US TV that trade on religious sentiments.

Ach, da treibt ER sich also rum!

Wie die IHN wohl visualisieren?

gHack (Sep 22, 06:11 pm) #

So zum Beispiel: "Joan is a typical teenager (smart-mouthed, moody, underachieving), and God appears to her in human forms she — and TV audiences — can readily accept: a cute teenage boy, the school cafeteria lady and the local TV news anchor. When her father, a preoccupied police chief played by Joe Montegna, snaps off the television while God, as anchor, is giving Joan instructions only she can hear, she shrieks in frustration. He retorts with classic parental sarcasm, "It's a crime against God to turn off the TV?"

katatonik (Sep 22, 06:20 pm) #

Gott als Update von ALF, also. Dabei war ALF schon ein Update von Gott.

gHack (Sep 22, 08:48 pm) #

Gott als imaginärer Freund. Auch eine subtile Form von Atheismus.

gHack (Sep 22, 08:48 pm) #

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