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unclassified - 5 06 2001 - 21:51 - katatonik

Desiring to eavesdrop on insurance specialists

A man likes to be tied up by young men. He invites a bunch of young men to his house, and has them tie him up. Then the young men fetch their car, load all the poor fellow’s belongings into the trunk, and off they go. [Something like that allegedly happened yesterday in a small provincial town near Vienna. In fact, the man was tied to a tree, and the whole town came to see him. As the person who told me this story said, “he’s going to have to live under the ground for the rest of his life in this town”.] Laugh, laugh. Seriously: Do you think his theft insurance is going to cover his losses? Did he, by consenting to being tied up, consent to being robbed? I’d love to eavesdrop when insurance specialists discuss this case. Seriously.

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