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osmpr - 26 10 2003 - 21:34 - katatonik

Multiple installation process update

In the meantime, things have multiplied – to be precise, linuxes have multiplied. I’m now working with three computers (two PCs, one laptop), all of which now have SuSE 8.2 and are connected to networks. In two cases, this involved setting up an ADSL-connection that is still a bit bumpy (frequent disconnects, perhaps due to a hyperactive firewall). The setup was also, well, bumpy, but could be managed, with some assistance from the friendly people at the suse-linux-mailing-list. (Ah, those default gateways! Beware!)

Getting the PCMCIA ethernet card to work on the laptop, an honourably aged Acer TravelMate 332T, was, well, an interesting experience. Had I believed SuSE’s configuration tool from the start and not yelled “you fool, the card’s called AROWANA, and not Billionton!”, and had I taken the output of “cardctl init” just a tad more seriously, well, I could have realized days ago that this card can easily be configured with the “rtl8139” driver that only just now started, ah, driving it happily and smoothly.

I do have certain moral problems being driven to the world by a driver whose name contains the acronym of one of the deadliest German TV stations, but then again, who needs morals when you can reach the world. Hear, world, hear! Oh, and then I named a file that should be called “chap-secrets” “chap-screts”, but that only cost another afternoon, so no bother. There should be spell-checkers for filenames, by the way, honestly.

The next challenge will be to get the one PC to cooperate with a Kyocera FS-1010 printer. Maybe the digital camera, who without much further ado communicates with all three of the linux boxes, can convince the printer to listen. Perhaps I should just place the camera on the printer for a while, and see what happens.

Oh, and only one of the machines is still a dual-boot with Win XP. The other two are linux, through and through.

Suse 9 shreddered my boot sector. But who needs Windows, anyway.

gHack (Oct 26, 09:42 pm) #

Who needs boot sectors when we all have boot camps.

katatonik (Oct 28, 12:40 am) #

  Textile help