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borderless confusion - 28 10 2003 - 00:17 - katatonik

Dealing with veiling

Ms. A. draws attention to a text by Frantz Fanon, “Algeria unveiled” in English (contained in the book “A Dying Colonialism”), “Algerien legt den Schleier ab” in German (contained in the book “Aspekte der Algerischen Revolution”, Suhrkamp 1969, out of print), which offers an interesting discussion of the various uses of the veil, in different constellations, for different purposes, during the Algerian revolution: French colonialists prohibit the veil, some revolutionists react by supporting it, Algerian women, mostly married, who support the revolution, but want to appear on the international scene or to face colonialists, take off the veil, but as a result become suspect in their society, other women, also unmarried, take off their veil in solidarity to the former, and revolutionist women use the veil to hide the bombs they are carrying.

I was just wondering whether this text has anywhere been referenced in current discussions about veiling in Germany.

And, concerning teachers with not-so-familiar headgear, there's still a lot left to be explored, e.g. 1, 2

Boltzmann (Oct 28, 01:11 am) #

One day, Winnetou and his best friend, aztec ruler Montezuma LCVI, decided to apply for a teaching job in a German school. (To be continued.)

katatonik (Oct 28, 01:19 am) #

Doing an odd-job some years ago, I had a migrant co-worker from Chandigarh - a friendly Sikh always wearing that thing on his head - who actually later only reconsidered becoming a maths teacher because he was offered a much better paid position somewhere in the software industry. That was really close...

Boltzmann (Oct 28, 02:47 am) #

  Textile help