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film - 16 11 2003 - 23:06 - katatonik

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“The immediate source of Elephant’s narrative structure is Tarr’s film [“Satantango”, k.], and Tarr took his structure from a Hungarian novel by Laszlo Krasznahorkai. I would guess that Krasznahorkai got his structure, which resembles William Faulkner’s in Light in August, from Joseph Conrad novels such as Nostromo (also Faulkner’s likeliest source). Like a cubist painting, this structure builds a three-dimensional world in layers, but since our moment-to-moment experience of the work is both confined and linear, we’re constantly being brought up short as we’re alerted to details we missed in the previous layer.”

Gus van Sant, “Elephant” (2003): carefully crafted complexity or consciously concocted confusion?

This week's "Village Voice" has a piece titled The Cleansing of the Elephants ("Trumpeting, flapping, crying: a cultural history, from Ding Yunpeng to Gus Van Sant").

Franz Fuchs (Nov 18, 10:34 pm) #

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