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politics - 23 11 2003 - 18:07 - katatonik

Joy of the underinformed

The TV window in the lower right corner of the computer screen shows people waving flags I can’t decode. It’s CNN. A woman with a strong accent translates. “President Shevardnadze”, she starts a sentence, immediately correcting herself, “ex-president Shevardnadze”. I am relieved that by now it’s officially unnecessary to memorize the correct consonant sequence in that person’s name.

I see there is evil blown away. I have no idea what will replace it. The temptation to join the pure joy seen on TV, and to jubilate for no other reason that others are jubilating, is very strong. This is unsettling and requires alcohol.

The CNN reporter says Mr. Unmemorizable’s last words on record were “I’m going home”, but that noone really knows what he meant by that. Going home as in “I’ll be back!” (=> Eddie, Arnie-style) or going home as in “you won’t ever see me again”?

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