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unclassified - 7 06 2001 - 10:55 - katatonik

A word from management

We kindly request that members of this establishment refrain from interrupting other members’ entries with loud and italicized interjections. Let us all be polite and nice to each other and offer our visitors a pleasant sojourn in these otherwise rather basic environs. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

- Can I say something now that you’re finished?
- Oh my, Mr. Sock. How nice to see you, my friend. Of course you can say something now. This would beautifully accord with our overall objective of enhancing the creative potential of human communication. Pray tell us and our visitors more about yourself. How did it all begin?
- No, actually, I’d rather talk about you.
- Me? Oh, but I’m just management. Nothing particularly interesting to get out of my existence.
- Not that I would be interested anyway. Just that I’d like to say something to you. Once and for all.
- Go ahead, then.
- You suck.
- On what?
- Whaddayamean, on what?
- Well, do I suck on straws, or on other objects, which might even be unrelated to nutritional intake? Or do you intend to make a comment on my oral behaviour in general?
- Christ ….

Off he goes.
Yes, dear visitors, this is one way of getting rid of unwanted interruptors: Just claim ignorance in their subcultural jargon. They will then think you’re an idiot, but you are rid of them without further hassles. I wish you all a beautiful and sunny day with lots of happy sucking.

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