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photography - 9 05 2004 - 20:36 - katatonik

Photos I

“Digital cameras have become so ubiquitous in the military that many relatives of personnel in the 372nd and other units in Iraq said they routinely received photographs by e-mail. But the photographs were usually tourist-type photographs of smiling sons and daughters, relatives said.

Officials said that the photographs showing psychological or physical abuse numbered in the hundreds, perhaps more than 1,000, with Mr. Rumsfeld hinting Friday that more may come out.

Among some prison personnel in Iraq, the photographs were apparently an open secret. “Some soldiers in Iraq had them — I’m hearing that soldiers were showing them to everybody,” Mr. Lawson said. He said he did not have the original photos and did not turn them over to anyone.”

“The original photos”? Meaning the files he received?

(New York Times)

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