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unclassified - 1 04 2001 - 22:27 - katatonik


Sources suggest that we live in “post genomic” times, now that something important has been found out about the human genome. Time to find out something important about beds, so that I can live in postbed times. Or about boxing. Or, even better, about boxes.

or about pots!

mia (Apr 5, 05:41 pm) #

or about a nonexisting pot!

mia (Apr 5, 05:42 pm) #

what can I say about the post-me time?

mia (Apr 5, 05:43 pm) #

you tell me. i'm the die-hard materialist here! all this business with nonexistences and post-thingies drives me nuts.

leg (Apr 5, 06:04 pm) #

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