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unclassified - 17 06 2001 - 03:03 - katatonik

Downsizing notification

Esteemed visitors, dear friends and camp members,
due to severe budget cuts camp catatonia was not only forced to redesign – and cut down on a lot of colour, as we’d already dug deep into our screen paint funds for November -, but also to do so in shameless plagiarization of several other weblogs. Unfortunately, our very own cataleptic recoding department could not be woken up, so some elements of our refurbished camp might still be in disarray.
We herewith apologize for any inconvenience caused.
In return for plagiarized style elements, feel happy to steal some of our most original content. We are not picky in this respect, as long as general education is served, knowledge increased, and civilization saved. But please don’t steal our socks or legs. We still need them. Still.

speak of funding. i haven't had a decent meal at this place for ages! enough of grilling cheese over the campfire! especially considering that our campfire doesn't have any colours. everybody knows that cheese takes ages to melt over colourless campfires. grrrr.

foot (Jun 17, 03:14 am) #

- good for you if you're happy with flowers and trees. I'm not. (Rule number 1 of feet-life: NEVER eat something that you walk on, climb up, or use as firewood.)
The recoders are a useless, sleepy bunch of cheap labourers that were hired by management to do all the dirty work of, well, coding. They never really lived up to the task, but managament is to charitable to fire them. I'm all for workers' solidarity (of course!), but incompetence is incompetence, and shouldn't be encouraged.

foot (Jun 17, 01:03 pm) #

The freedom of speech concerning poetically language assumes (to me) that recipients don´t take poetically language too serious and are able to recognize that there ideas and concepts (interpretations) about foreign poetically expressions will never exactly get the point. For example: When i talk in a poetically vers about a prostitute i could associate her with " the girl marijuana " who gives her joy to everyone who wants her. Or in our actually case i just wanted to say that i don´t support my biological machine with animals (or animal related stuff), instead i use the energy of the (esteemed..) flora.
dear foot, maybe sometime you could remember that you are still connected (at least that´s what i think) to intelligent-katatonik-B.K.-brain who is surely able to let you know that i -of course- don´t eat trees, dont walk on tofu and that i don´t use carrots as firewood.

katha (Jun 17, 02:43 pm) #

us feet have no sense for poetry. idealist bubbletalk for the idle bourgeois. us, we are made for walking. and straight talking. and that's that. now where's dinner?

foot (Jun 17, 04:09 pm) #

yeah - feet you´re welcome for dinner; you just would have to walk over some concrete to get through to the dining-room. Sorry - not today. I had solitary dinner already and there´s nearly no drop/bite left. But live is floating and the fridge will be filled again.

Me - i´m also not interested in bourgeois crap talk. does my speech really sound like that? Though idle live and thinking (not always but sometime) is a personal right that i take out of spit against the stressed-capturing crap-society. see you - foot

katha (Jun 17, 05:02 pm) #

could you (whoever..) let me (ok..Us) know a bit more about your definition of the "cataleptic recoding department " ; it seems a bit abstruse to my fragmentary - ignorant mind.
hi foot (message to you): i dont mind about the cheese - i eat the flowers and the trees.

katha (Jun 18, 12:46 am) #

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