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unclassified - 1 04 2001 - 23:51 - katatonik

untimely sleep and post-mortem reproduction

early morning dawn makes katatoniks yawn. A useful and most pleasurable ingredient for untimely sleep is passion flower – this one, not that one -, smoked or prepared as tea. Not only because it enables you to sleep well before sleeping time but also because it may induce blissful psychedelic dreams.
The last passion flower session at camp catatonia lead to the emergence of a strange civilization in katatonik’s sleepy subconscious. Zombies were an accepted minority; the sight of grinning skeletal faces with shreds of bloody skin and flesh dangling down from the bones was perfectly normal. Zombies did not attempt to “zombie-ize” humans; they peacefully co-existed with all other beings. Then a zombie woman gave birth to a baby. A zombie baby. Up to that point, zombies had only come into existence through the death of humans. From the viewpoint of human beings, zombies were a post-mortem species. Clearly subordinate. The birth of the zombie baby ruined everything; it
seemed to signal the emancipation of zombies, their evolutionary break-through into a species of their own, with a proper mode of reproduction. I’m a mummy … I was born 1959 years ago. My daddy was a mummy, too. (Bob McFadden & Dor, “The Mummy”) Such are the ways of the passion flower. Good night, ye all, have to go dream now.

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