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unclassified - 25 06 2001 - 12:57 - katatonik

when interviewed, do as the interviewed

“G. G. : Well, for example, in the course of preparing radio documentaries, I’ve interviewed a theologian about technology, a surveyor about William James, an economist about pacifism and a housewife about acquisitiveness in the art market.

g. g. : But surely you’ve also interviewed musicians about music?

G. G. : Yes, I have, on occasion, in order to help put them at ease in front of the mike. But it’s been far more instructive to talk with Pablo Casals, for example, about the concept of the zeitgeist, which, of course, is not unrelated to music –

g. g. : Yes, I was just going to venture that comment.

G. G. : Or to Leopold Stokowski about the prospect for interplanetary travel, which is – I think youÂ’ll agree, and Stanley Kubrick notwithstanding – a bit of a digression.”

Mr. Glenn Gould, interviewed by Mr. Glenn Gould.
[via OpenBrackets]

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