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unclassified - 25 06 2001 - 12:52 - katatonik

parody alerts blinking, conspiracy theories winking

“Americans For Purity: Winning The War On Masturbation” – parody alert blinking; the morally upright usually don’t present themselves as this morally upright. “Net authority” – parody alert blinking, but more out of habit than because of visible signs: the morally upright do occasionally present themselves as obtuse control-freaks. At any rate, our parody suspicions seem confirmed.
But what if: all these parodies of freakish attempts to control the net are engineered by cunning and clever strategists who twist the old story about the guy who, as a joke, shouts “fire!” a couple of times, until noone believes him when it really burns. What if the Morally Upright Ones are really planning to control everything and condemn everybody – what if they launched a couple of self-parodies until noone will believe that their activities are real – and then they will strike … ghoulish laughter

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