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unclassified - 26 06 2001 - 10:35 - katatonik

les blogging connections

first there was textism. then came open brackets. i think it came through textism, a few months ago, but i’m not sure, can’t remember, and am unable to find.
at some point romance entered textism. obliquely, of course. stated in the we’d-like-to-say-something-but-it-seems-too-awkward-to-just-say-it-so-we’ll-create-an-imaginary-dialogue-mode of blogging. some time later, a similar entry appeared at open brackets. there were also other hints. know that situation where you feel you’re listening to two people telling different stories until you realize that they’re actually describing the same event? wonderful, really.
then textism announced relocation to france. open brackets is based in france. need i say more? no, but you could tell us some more about YOUR imaginary dialogues! – shut up, sock. i thought we’d discussed these italicized interruptions before. – sure, but you were done anyway, no? – management, hand me the bucket!

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