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language fiddling - 19 10 2005 - 10:35 - katatonik

Sing the grammar

“At a rehearsal last week, the tenor Matt Hensrud stood on the elevated catwalk of the library’s reading room and sang mellifluously of punctuation and orthography. “Do not use a hyphen between words that can better be written as one word: ‘water-fowl, waterfowl,’ ” he intoned, his voice echoing in the churchlike acoustics. He was joined by the soprano Abby Fischer for some tenderly turned philology: “The steady evolution of the language seems to favor union: two words eventually become one.”“

Strunk & White, Elements of Style, reedited with drawings, turned into song cycle

*purr* The Sopranos?

gHack (Oct 19, 11:21 am) #

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