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van der elsken, ed - 24 02 2003 - 01:45 - katatonik

Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990), photographer and film-maker

Ed van der Elsken is born in Amsterdam in 1925. He lives and works in Paris from 1950 to 1954, together with Ata Kando and her 3 children.
From 1954 to 1971, van der Elsken lives in Amsterdam. He travels a lot for his work, for instance to Bagara, Central Africa in 1957, and makes a long world trip in 1959 and 1960 with Gerda van der Veen, his second wife.Travel reports, in colour, are published in the monthly magazine Avenue.
Shortly after their trip, they have two children Tinelou and Daan.
From 1971 onwards, he lives in the countryside near Edam. In this period, he often travels to Japan and also works in Amsterdam. He lives together with Anneke Hilhorst; they have a son named John.
In 1988 he is diagnosed with cancer. He dies in 1990.

His first photo book was published in 1956 (“Love on the left bank”). Some twenty photo books followed. He also made several television films, mostly about subjects regarding his own life.

Ed van Der Elsken books
Love on the left bank, 1956;
Bagara, 1958;
Jazz, 1959;
Sweet life, 1966;
Eye Love you, 1977;
Hello!, 1978;
Amsterdam! Old photos, 1947-1970, 1979;
Adventures on the countryside, 1980;
Paris! Photos, 1950-1954, 1981;
Amsterdam?, 1984;
Are you famous?, 1985;
Young Holland: Adorable bastardsÂ’, 1987;
The discovery of Japan, 1988;
Once upon a time, 1991;
LÂ’amour!, 1995;
Honk Kong, 1997;
Long live me!, 1997;
Fotografie + film, 1949-1990, 2000.

Ed van Der Elsken films
Hands 1960, 5 min, 16 mm black & white;
Karen Happel, componist korte versie, 1961, 4 min, 16 mm black & white;
Dylaby 1962, 10 mm, 16 mm black & white;
Welkom in het leven, lieve kleine 1963, 36 min, 16 mm black & white;
Het Waterlooplein verdwijnt 1967, 12 min, 16 mm black & white;
De verliefde camera 1971, 43 min, 16 mm black & white;
Death in the Port Jackson Hotel 1972, 36 min, 16 mm colour; Avonturen op het land 1980, 1 h 19 min, super 8 colour;
Een fotografa filmt Amsterdam korte versie, 1982, 10 min, 16 mm colour;
Bye 1990, 1 h 48 min, video, u-matic and betacam, and 16 mm film, colour and black and white. (quick copy&paste-job from here)

Homepage on Ed van der Elsken including information about exhibitions of his work.

Camp Catatonia entry on Ed van der Elsken

Sexblog entry with two Japan photos and van der Elsken’s accompanying text (in German)

Detailed biography by Peter Lennon (Guardian), including the revelation that “Love on the Left Bank” does not portray St.-Germain-des-Prés, but Odéon, a Paris quartier with a different flavour. Lennon also sketches van der Elsken as quite a difficult character.

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