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administering catatonia - 23 11 2005 - 19:43 - katatonik

Though shalt not fear

Never mind temporary disturbances on our premises. We are currently migrating the camp to Texptattern, being fed up with comment spam, and with using different weblog systems for our various projects (like this one, for instance).

as long as I stay on the frontpage, never mind.

sock (Nov 23, 08:24 pm) #


hirn (Nov 23, 10:14 pm) #

ah yes, we’ll try to fit in the hirn and its companion into the new layout as well.

management (Nov 23, 10:22 pm) #

very friendly, as we’ve gone underground quite some time ago.

verbrannt (Nov 23, 11:16 pm) #

though shalt never be forgotten.

management (Nov 24, 12:15 am) #

Versuch doch mal, die Update-Liste nach rechts zu packen, so zwischen Furl und Flickrbilder. Ich glaube, das sieht aufgeräumter aus.

verbrannt (Nov 24, 09:41 am) #

ja, boss.

management (Nov 24, 10:05 am) #

May the force will be with you, miss katatonik, the masses are cheering!

goncourt (night audit) (Nov 24, 11:56 pm) #

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