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unclassified - 12 07 2001 - 23:16 - katatonik

Eat meat, grow meat?

Japanese women’s breasts are getting bigger. A case of “you see what you want to see”?
However, considering how much attention big breasted women receive in Japan (there are cases where women have been able to turn into models or stars simply on the basis of their breast size), ... – completely unheard of in other parts of the world, of course.
Which reminds me of an article in the German magazine “SPIEGEL”, published a few years ago, about the efforts of German bra maker “Triumph” to establish their brands on the Japanese market that had so far been monopolized by the Japanese company “Wacoal”. I read that article in a German language class I taught in Hiroshima. The article points out that bras in Japan have always been much more colourful than in Germany, an observation that the women in my class who had experienced both bra cultures could only confirm. Hilarious bra antics: the “One Cup Sake Bra”(no pic): a bra with sake-cups. When the breasts get warmer, Sake starts dripping down. Takes about one hour to get it to body temperature. The Mozart bra which plays “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” when opened. Last year, Triumph Japan honoured the Japanese’s craze for Nostradamus with an “Armageddon Bra”, which has “has a sensor mounted atop one shoulder strap and a “control box” fastened to the front, which ostensibly will warn the wearer of dangerous objects falling from the sky.” None of them shown on Triumph Japan’s homepage. Blast.
Antics aside, I’d still like to know how the increasing consumption of fast-food can be held responsible for bigger breasts. Eat meat, grow meat? If one were to accept the theory that breasts emerged after humans started walking, with full frontal visibility, as a means for women to attract men, one could speculate that bigger breasts are the result of further increasing needs on the part of women to be desired by men. Or, if one were to propound that increased breast-size signals fertility and attracts more males for reproduction, bigger breasts might be viewed as the result of women being, or wanting to be, more fertile. Neither of these theories (or rather, speculations) are particularly favourable explanations for The Modern Woman, so I guess I’d rather stick to them vegetables, stay my own small-breasted self and feel socially progressive.

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