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unclassified - 21 07 2001 - 02:25 - katatonik

How the center is protected by the fringes, or vice versa.

My monsters are guarding the Nike sign.
My mandala represent animals that are to protect the great one. The great one is the ferocious dog. He will eat whatever gets in it’s way. The outside animal’s pretect its master.The outside layer has spikes to protect. The eyeballs are watching for intruders. The thick black line is a building to help protect the happiness symbol, which is the smiley face. The outside of my Mandala is burning hot sun and pouring rain that will either burn you or drown you. If get past that layer, the next layer has lighting that will electrocute you. The next layer is burning hot fire that will kill you. They you have to pass through the Himalayas, that are the last layer of protection before you get to the four seasons in the center. My mandala is about trying to get to the spirit, or in my case my dog in the middle of the mandala. On the outside there is lake of blood from people trying to get to the center. Then there is lighting for the people who crossed the Blood Lake. Then is the hunted gold mine. Most people run out of the hunted gold mine because they were scared. The explosives, they sense motion, then they explode.

Koryfee - i love ya jokes (if it was one - at least it made me laugh..). specially the http://.../>doggy-dog mandala. äh - that was the wrong link. i´ve meant http://.../>this one.

katha (Jul 22, 01:47 am) #

Zur Klarstellung: Koryfee sollte eigentlich ein netter Kosename sein, in Abwandlung des Wortes Koriphäe. Also: Kory wie Kori und statt phäe eben fee. Sorry falls da was missverstanden wurde...

katha (Jul 23, 01:14 am) #

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