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unclassified - 1 08 2001 - 03:26 - katatonik

Speaking of images

If I did still maintain the foolish belief that people who do progressive music also have progressive attitudes to social life and gender relations, and are in general characterized by intelligence, the logo of Vienna’s upcoming “sequence”-festival would have been enough to convince me of the opposite.

Not everything called "Progressive Music" really deserves that label in the first place. After all its just a label..

And in regards to the "sequence" logo: it might not be very pc (nor progressive for that matter) but it seems to fit the description of the festival, which I wouldn't describe as progressive either.

Andreas (Aug 1, 09:51 pm) #

... then there might be a connection between social (or even aesthetic) progressiveness and musical progressiveness after all, only a negative one: show me your dull posters and I won't listen to your dull music.

katatonik (Aug 2, 03:31 am) #

so this is supposed to mean that "dull" is the opposite of "progressive"?

In that case we'd probably need to clear up a few definitions before we discuss this any further...

Andreas (Aug 2, 05:52 am) #

i guess you could just replace "dull" with "backwards" or "unprogressive". perhaps even with "quadrangular", though "show me your quadrangular posters, and I won't listen to your quadrangular music" might not be that intelligible (i like it, though).
anyway, it's not really a matter of defining terms, but one of assuming or not assuming relationships between visual symbols used to advertise music and music itself: if visual symbols broadcast a certain message, and the music broadcasts another, one that is incompatible with the first, should that concern us or not?

katatonik (Aug 2, 01:04 pm) #

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