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unclassified - 18 09 2001 - 21:51 - katatonik

One of those cultural moments

Yesterday evening, Austrian TV news broadcast the reopening ceremony – and a ceremony it was – from Wall Street. There were speeches that my fellow TV watcher and me didn’t hear, as the Austrian commentator’s voice silenced them.

As our minds’n mouths almost wandered off on a little talking excursion, leaving TV behind our attention, there suddenly became heard this voice that might have cut glass. Most probably it did.

There was a young woman in high and quickly vibrating soprano singing God Bless America, with lip movements I would like to have sometimes, when sitting on the dentist’s stool (if only the dentist let me).

I looked at my friend. My friend looked at me. We both looked at the TV.
We burst out laughing. There really wasn’t much else to do.

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