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unclassified - 21 09 2001 - 02:52 - katatonik

telling comparisons

Consider it appropriate or not, many people all over the world have had the reflex “what’s all this fuss about 5000 or so dead in New York, noone gave/gives a damn about the or so dead in in the year _” (fill in blanks with the geopolitical conflict of your choice).
What struck me the most is that so far, I haven’t read a single European manifestation of this reflex where the blanks were filled by any of the atrocities, sudden or gradual, that took place in Yugoslavia during the 90s of the past century.
Consider it appropriate or not to compare man-made desasters with each other, but it sure says something if that desaster which hit your continent the most over the past decade didn’t even show up in manifestationa of ye odd comparative reflex. Or did it?
(update: found this site that juxtaposes images from belgrade with images from new york, via elephäntville.)

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