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unclassified - 23 09 2001 - 23:19 - katatonik

Afghanistan, anyone?

Already in June, the Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf wrote “Limbs of no body – world’s indifference to Afghan tragedy”. Makhmalbaf tells of his own experiences over the making of “The Cyclist” (1988) and “Kandahar” (2001), both shot in Afghanistan, gives an in-depth account of “Afghanistan in the minds of the Iranian people” and presents a wealth of factual information about refugees, land mines, and the generally drab state of Afghanistan. A long text well worth reading.

we sent out the foot to get some chinese food hours ago. hasn't come back yet, though. oh well, you're getting a bit chubby anyway, my friend.

management (Sep 24, 01:05 am) #

don't friend me, you cruel sonofabitch of an abstract concept!

sock (Sep 24, 01:52 am) #

calm down folks. don't forget: we're all nothing but social constructs, so don't bicker about food, weight, and other concerns of physical triviality.

katatonik (Sep 24, 03:32 am) #

mighty productive today, aren't we? so what's for dinner?

sock (Sep 24, 12:46 pm) #

großartiger hack mal wieder von dir. werd ich bald einbauen. gruß

roland (Sep 26, 03:31 pm) #

oh danke. schließe daraus, dass du den code im greymatter-forum schon erspäht hast.

katatonik (Sep 27, 02:16 am) #

  Textile help