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unclassified - 25 09 2001 - 15:40 - katatonik


some time over these past months filled with countless micro-events, a tooth passed away, unnoticed by human agents.
myriads of compassionate bacteria flooded through the bloodstream for its funeral, including, apparently, a group of freeloaders who just came for the big banquet. it had been a popular tooth, and the feast was believed to become quite a big one.
alas, as the the tooth’s passing away had remained unnoticed by humans, there was no real funeral, nor a banquet. just ignorance and neglect. it was an outrageous affair, this much is beyond dispute.
some of the bacteria went into quiet mourning, as seemed appropriate to the occasion. the freeloaders got pissed off. deciding to have their own party, these worthless hooligans caused a real mess near the deceased.
all this went on until this morning, a merciful human agent probed the tooth’s environment with a little bit of electricity and noticed the carcass. the moribund community of freeloader bacteria, by then hung over from all this partying and transformed into a liquid of rather dubious colour, consistency, and smell, was driven out for good.
in a few days, the funeral service for the long-deceased tooth will finally be held, this time hopefully without slimy freeloaders.

informative aside: “pompfineberer” is a viennese expression, meaning “mortician, undertaker”, adapted from the french “les pompes funèbres”.

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