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unclassified - 30 10 2001 - 19:47 - katatonik

Lands inhabited by concepts

“India: A Land Where Indianness thrives”
Title of this page.
Hm, I’d like to see Austria referred to as the “land where uninstantiated universals roam”. Or get to know countries where “capitalism has a drink”, from which “universal negations depart”, where “random numbers concregate”, and so on.

You need sleep, woman. – No, foot, I need more titillating conversations about the use of elephants in wars, and other such topics with endless potential for witticisms, sarcasm, bad humour and meaningful looks. Oh well, as long as I’m not the one who gets titillated. Don’t worry, I’ll keep any such upcoming conversations out of your way. – Very nice. And don’t forget to put on some clean socks once in a while.. – blush

I *AM* clean! Don't you dare get that horrible washing machine anywhere near me! Last time I lost my entire family in there.

sock (Oct 30, 07:50 pm) #

Typical sock sentimentalism. You'd spend weeks writing stupid sock love poems without washing, and without even so much as thinking about how that little hygienic problem of yours affects others. Through increasing titillation, for instance.

foot (Oct 30, 09:33 pm) #

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