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unclassified - 21 12 2001 - 18:46 - katatonik

Apropos Peter Jackson,

Heidi, the star
formerly known as Peter Jackson, the director of “Meet the Feebles, a puppet tragedy of gross proportion”.
“The film (if one can refer to it as a ‘film’) relies heavily on shock value and toilet humor, the later of which I normally find quite humorous. But instead of being surprising and funny, it is disturbing and purile. Take for instance the VD infected rabbit who develops grotesque supperative sores and then gets torn apart by a spray of bullets from a psychopathic she-hippo—it’s just a bit overdone.” (here) “It probably helps to watch this film with a group of like-minded individuals, perhaps after imbibing a little too much alcohol. Calling this film “bizarre” is far too tame—it’s sick, ribald, and willing to try just about anything.” (here) “A group’s determination to overcome adversity and go on with the show, no matter what the cost. A hedgehog’s search for love in a new world of wonder and danger. A Vietnam-veteran frog’s post-traumatic battle with heroin addiction. MEET THE FEEBLES is all this and so much more. To tell you much more would be a disservice to the joy and spiritual satisfaction you will feel when you watch it for the first of many, many times.” (here)

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