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unclassified - 26 01 2002 - 16:40 - katatonik

research on the rotten

Quite a while ago, we delighted our visitors with observations on the aging process of various forms of fruits and vegetables inside our fridge (in German).
As we have now finally furnished our camp with visual equipment, we are in the fortunate position of being able to present our findings in this area in a more appropriate fashion.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at specimen 1: the mango.

I am a rotten mango, would you like to tango?

This specimen has been in our possession for about four weeks now. On the first day, it was separated into two halves by an unknown predator, who then devoured one of them. The other half remained in the refrigerator for about four weeks minus a day.
The predator’s intervention turns out to be fortunate, as it enables us to take a close look at the disintegration of the fruit, which would otherwise have remained hidden beneath the peel.
As can be seen, disintegration is surprisingly discrete. The fruit is shrivelled, yes, but in a most seemly fashion – nothing in comparison to what a peach would look like under the same conditions! To the right, there is a noticeable brown spot, yes, but there is no trace of mould (the small white spot is just a piece of the stone). On the whole, the mango – to be precise, a mango half – ages remarkably well, and may therefore represent an appropriate visual embellishment of your refrigerator well past its nutritive life-span.
As attentive visitors will notice, there is a red pepper to the rear left of the mango’s porcelain stretcher. This may be our next specimen, but perhaps the avocado that’s still missing somewhere on our premises will come – or rather, go – first.

wäääääääääääääh!!! also wenn ich eines tages so ausseh stürz ich mich freiwillig in den biomüll.

mango II (Jan 29, 04:25 pm) #

wenn du noch nicht zerschnitten bist, besteht noch hoffnung. dann blüht dir allerdings wahrscheinlich leises, kaum merkliches zerfaulen von innendrin. schönen tag noch.

katatonik (Jan 29, 07:03 pm) #

also zerschnitten bin ich nicht, aber mein saft fängt an durch die schale zu sickern. ich glaub, ich kleb am kühlschrankboden fest! ist das schlimm?

mango II (Jan 30, 11:00 am) #

schon... aber ich glaub, die lebt noch.

mango II (Jan 31, 09:42 am) #

schlage notverband vor. liegt da nicht eine verschrumpelte kiwi neben dir, deren haut sich als verbandmaterial gebrauchen ließe?

katatonik (Jan 31, 12:53 pm) #

  Textile help