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unclassified - 14 04 2001 - 22:48 - katatonik

Smooth, flowery women, foreigners and the like

”’Tokihime’ is a type of Junmai-GinjôSake that is made exclusively of carefully selected, polished rice grains of local origin. In addition to its traditionally intense taste, its smoothness, resembling that of high-quality white wine, as well as its flowery bouquet may turn even more people into fans of Japanese Sake, people like women, foreigners and the like.” From the leaflet that comes with a bottle of the brewery Tsûjun’s “Tokihime” (meaning “time/hour-princess” princess of time? who knows …).
Tsûjun is located near Kumamoto on Kyûshu island. Sadly, its homepage does not list “Tokihime”. Perhaps because “Tokihime” was purchased at an airport, and because smooth, flowery people like women, foreigners and the like can only be brought to purchase matching liquids in the duty-free.

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