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unclassified - 2 02 2002 - 03:13 - katatonik

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holy blue!
you know, it would be interesting to compare all those films about war trials, the one with marlene dietrich about nuremberg up to the revisionist “pride” about tokyo, and this hairdresser was utterly useless, look what she did to my head, and russian immigrants or indian sailors often played asian roles in german silent films, and fritz lang directed a film called “harakiri”, and we have had an anonymous phone relationship for years where you called me and spoke about how i should have children, for exactly two minutes, and i told you about my dental problems, for exactly ten minutes, but now we know each other and the anonymous phone relationship goes down the drains, and what to do, and what to do, and you know i used to run a small cinema in switzerland, and it still runs, amazing, no, but it’s different people now, and they are cutting down on teachers in my daughter’s school, but every class has got two computer terminals now, and, honey, if you want to be a devil you have to spit fire,
and i cycled all the way from boston to newfundland just to interview mostly women about incidents where canadian and spanish fishing boats exchanged fire because of, well, because of what i never really found out, but i made it, whereas a hongkong chinese who had cycled there as well didn’t make it because he was caught smoking dope on the ferry, and sometimes you just have to stop, but at other times you don’t, and maybe there’s something to westerners being easily affected by ideology, and japanese not, but maybe there isn’t, and the wine is wonderful, thank you, love you, see you soon.

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