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unclassified - 3 03 2002 - 01:24 - katatonik

usability creationism

“Another recent technique [of argumentation on the part of creationists] has been to promote the argument of ‘intelligent design’. Yes, the universe may be very old, say proponents, but everywhere you look you can see clear evidence of the handiwork of a creator. Even bananas are given as evidence of this: convenient for handling, with a tab for wrapper-removal, a pleasing taste, and an obvious skin-blackening sell-by-date mechanism. By contrast, most scientists believe the cosmos is random and unpredictable.”
Robin McKie on the alarming spread of creationism in the USA.
Scientific American article from 1999.

The argument of intelligent design is historically attributed to William Paley (1743-1805). Then it was the admirable complexity of such things as the vertebrate eye that counted as good design. Now it seems to be the admirable usability of such things as bananas. I wonder whether the existence of green peppers, which have a tendency to rot without any external signs, would be useful as an argument against creationism. Or perhaps the impracticality of oranges, which are sometimes really, really hard to peel.

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