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unclassified - 19 03 2002 - 10:42 - katatonik

Mind the mundane

“It is surprising to me now, looking back, to realize how many conversations I have had about feet, shoes and ways of walking. These conversations provoked further explorations of the scholarship about the history of women in Japan. In a sense, I can say that these past three years I’ve fully embodied the figure of a “Westerner Looking at Japanese Women’s Feet.”

Eva Paulino Bueno, “One Step at a Time: Japanese Women Walking”. In vol.3, number 1 of the “Journal of Mundane Behaviour”. The issue is devoted to “Mundane Sex”, including such articles as Clarissa Smyth’s “‘They’re ordinary people, not Aliens from the Planet Sex!’: the mundane excitements of pornography for women”, and Liam McNamara’s “Michel Houellebecq and the Male Novel of Ressentiment” (Baudrillard-style, ahem).

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