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unclassified - 28 03 2002 - 17:44 - katatonik

Ah, those wacky linguists

“McCawley had the rare talent of coming up with clear yet clever titles, among them “Can you count pluses and minuses before you can count?,” “On making life easier for users of Chinese-English dictionaries,” Adverbs, vowels and other objects of wonder, “On what is deep about deep structure,” and Everything linguists need to know about logic (but were ashamed to ask). His bibliography is staggering, ranging from an early study of Finnish noun morphology for MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics to a letter to Psychology Today about verbs of orgasm. ... He apparently gave an annual party on Korean Alphabet Day, which he said was the only holiday in honor of linguists. He also celebrated Bastille Day by asking everyone to bring a dish from a country that had escaped from the French colonial yoke.”

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