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unclassified - 31 03 2002 - 21:57 - katatonik

... and finally in Viennese homes

A few months ago, Vienna’s cable TV company (yes, singular – there is only one of those here) finally filled one of its several free slots – with BBC prime.
Sunday is comedy night, which includes the gorgeous “Goodness Gracious Me!”, named after a comedy show that Peter Sellers did with Sophia Loren back in the 1960s. Well, originally the show was to be named Peter Sellers Is Dead, “designed to indicate that the days of white actors blacking up to play Asians were over”.
Originally a radio series, GGM became a TV programme in 1998. Sketches teeming with solid toilet humour, taking breathtaking tours through – especially 70s – TV culture as well as Hindi filmi, underpinned by hilarious jokes about cultural puritanism this and that side of the skin colour divide. Had me in stitches. And that’s where I wanna be.

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