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increasing-crypticism - 17 04 2001 - 12:29 - katatonik

occasions of finding oneself in the texts of others. another installment.

“Let Us Declare War on the DJ and All Who Have Mythical Interesting Artsy Jobs and Can Afford to Live in Hip Lofts and Throw Parties At Which the DJ and All the DJ’s Friends Can Feel So Special, This War Declared in the Name of D.H. Lawrence and Andrew Davidson.” A rant by Andrew Davidson.

bot not woth the evil
no war.no war.no war
but I will follow you

mao (Apr 17, 11:01 am) #

but not with the evil
no war, no war, no war, no war
but I will follow you

mao (Apr 17, 11:02 am) #

what do we learn from repetition?

mao (Apr 17, 11:04 am) #

nothing, my dear boy

mia (Apr 17, 11:05 am) #

mao gone for romantic submission or what? befuddledly yours, k.

katatonik (Apr 17, 01:02 pm) #

  Textile help