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unclassified - 15 05 2002 - 18:15 - katatonik

The stupid cow

- You know, he’s really angry ‘bout that that stupid cow.
- ‘bout who?
- That daughter of his. Just imagine – the nerve!
- What’s she done?
- You know, he came to Austria, like, 17 years ago. Started working at the market. Worked himself up to the point where he could bring his family. Wife, mother, aunt, two sons, daughter. Now they own two appartments in our house, and have another one for rent.
- I know. They’re my neighbours, after all. Now what’s that story ‘bout the cow?
- Oh yeah. Well, his daughter. Just about to finish school. He’s desparate to send her to university. And you know what she’s decided?
- What?
- The stupid cow wants to go back to Anatolia. She wants to marry a soldier. Imagine: here’s this Anatolian girl that grew up in Vienna and now wants to go back to be a soldier’s wife. Sitting around in some village in Anatolia, while he’s hunting down Kurds.
- God, her father must be angry.
- Yes, he’s really pissed off. Care for another Metaxa?
- Most certainly.

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