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unclassified - 18 05 2002 - 23:59 - katatonik

Look what people are looking for when they come here

“what does mahnamahna mean?”, “i need a picture of austria’s state flower”, “gesundheitsgeographie”, “beltz notschlachten text”, “militär camp deutschland”, “zungenpilz”, “ephedrin österreich”, “new york times article by salmon rushdie” (how fishy!), “chinese bra maker”, “hans dichand biography”, “guys with toerings”, “catatonia spain”, “piranha swimwear” (gosh!).
It seems that the demand for bathing women has gone down (used to be quite high, actually).
I must say, the searches which lead people to this site have become much more amusing since I’ve changed the site setup to weekly archives. That way, google indexes a whole bunch of weekly droplets of my deranged personality rather than just individual snippets. Okay, so this actually ensures that people find what they are looking for less likely. But do I care?

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