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unclassified - 22 05 2002 - 12:59 - katatonik

solitary sensuality

“Hey, hey, imaginary person! You don’t need anyone else to have fun, unless you’re trying to seesaw. Any game ever designed or twisted for adult purposes can also be used for some solitary pleasure. And why not? Why should you limit yourself to quick, furtive wanking when you can enjoy the same sorts of playful, competitive, gonna-get-laid fun as anybody else? ...
Sex games are also a good way to ease yourself past your own shyness. Maybe you’re not sure if you want to take the relationship you have with yourself to the next level. Maybe you’re unconfortable with your body, and you’re not sure if if you’re ready to let yourself see it. Sex games are a great way to break the ice and get yourself into a relaxed, excited mood, especially when used in conjunction with vodka. ...
Hop into bed or slink into the bathroom and do what needs doing. Where’s the excitement in that? Liven it up by trying different costumes, be different people. Every sex guide suggests role-playing as a way to spice up your sex life, even the respectable ones, so give it a try! You can dress up and be a masturbating priest, a pirate, a president! Whack off the way Humphrey Bogart would, or Madonna, or the Secretary General of the United Nations. Pretend you’re a babysitter pleasuring herself, or Cleopatra after an unsatisfying date with Marc Antony.
Please note I am not referring to the Dungeons & Dragons type of role-playing. I’m sorry, but figuring out your masturbating experience on graph paper would just be pathetic.”

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