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unclassified - 25 05 2002 - 13:05 - katatonik

Dialogue with that imaginary person looking across my shoulder

- How come you have that broad grin on your face so often recently, while staring at that screen and occasionally hammering into that keyboard of yours? How come your eyes start glowing when you have certain webpages on your screen which, as far as I can tell, just aim to burn your brain?
- oh, well.
- “oh, well” is not an answer imaginary persons looking across your shoulders can accept, I’m afraid. We’re pretty strict on this.
- I’m just in the midst of writing a comment, can’t you stop bothering me?
- There’s that grin again.
- Carrying on conversations with imaginary persons while actually communicating with persons who have a certain imagined, well, edge to them is somewhat ironic, don’t you think?
- I just feel a tad neglected lately, that’s all.
- Sorry. What about a nice cup of tea and a little chat in the living-room?
- Wonderful. Perhaps then you can tell me more about that grin on your face. That glow in your eyes.
- oh, well.

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